Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Niddy Noddy and Finished Yarn

Before I learned to spin I would visit Etsy shops and look at all the gorgeous handspun, in pretty skeins with the yardage listed. Fast forward to me making my own hand spun, now how do I figure the yardage and get it into a pretty skein?

Well the answer is a simple device called a niddy noddy. There are wooden ones available to purchase from most spinning wheel companies but I decided to make one from PVC pipe. It cost me under $5.00, all that is required is a few feet of PVC and two T connectors. The center piece of the one I made is interchangable for a 1 yd. or 2 yd. skein. By counting the number of wraps around the niddy noddy I can now get a reasonably accurate measurement of the yardage.

Here is a pic of my handspun stash all made into pretty skeins. I've tagged each one with the name of the shop where the fiber was purchased, type of fiber, yardage and colorway.

Add of course I've been adding to the fiber stash.
Lovestruck 4oz. SW Merino/Seacell (Seacell is a fiber made from seaweed) from Sqoosh Fiberarts, this is a fiber combination I've been wanting to try. I have it on my wheel right now and it's really spinning beautifully, with alot of sheen to it.

Sammy 4 oz. SW Merino also from Sqoosh.

4oz. Merino from PoppyFlowerFibers. (This shop is on Etsy but is temporarily closed due to a leave of absense Lisa had to take.)

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