Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Trying Something New

Okay so views and sales have been a little slow at my etsy shop lately. There could be a number of reasons for this 1) I've been spinning and crocheting alot and not spending enough time promoting 2) the economy is bad and money is tighter for everyone 3) alot of the items I make are for cold weather and it's slowing warming up here in the States.

So what to do about it? Well first off I've decided to try a new venue. I now have a shop at Artfire http://ByRebekahWithLove.artfire.com as well as at Etsy www.lilreb673.etsy.com Right now I only have a basic shop at Artfire so I'm limited to 10 listings at one time but it's free to list and there are no selling fees. Should I decide to upgrade in the future I'll have to pay a set monthly fee.

I'm also going to be listing a few more hand painted items it the next month or so. And I've decided I will be offering some of my hand spun yarns for sale. Not sure how soon I'll be listing yarn.

Last but not least I'm also searching for new ways to advertise and promote my shops and my items both online and off. I'm doing a local craft fair May 16th and will be handing out lots of business cards.

Sorry for the lack of pretty pics in this post but I'm temporarily without a camera. My mom and I share the digital camera and she's taken it on vacation. My next post will have pics of my homemade niddy noddy and lots of newly finished yarn.


  1. good for you for looking at a problem and seeing ways to solve it.

  2. Thanks, just complaining does no good.