Thursday, February 26, 2009

Because hubbies need projects too.

My hubby has decided to quit smoking, Yay! To fill his extra time and keep himself distracted he's started some woodworking projects. I agreed to add some of the finished items to my Etsy shop. So here is a sneak peek at the first of his woodworking projects. Its a sewing thread rack with two tilting shelves. This first one has been claimed by my mom who sews. Future thread racks will also feature hand painted detailing by me. The sample was made with poplar, but Ron also plans to make them in pine and red oak.

I also finished spinning 4 oz of my strawberry shortcakes fiber. The yarn turned out about worsted weight this time. I'm finding right now I don't seem to have much control over the weight my yarns turn out. It seems to be more controlled by the way the fiber drafts this is something I'm going to have to work on. I received my most recent order of two more rovings from Andrea at Natural Obsessions and I'll post some pics of those soon.

I signed up to participate in a spin along with All Spun Up fiber. Here is a link to the shop For the spin along I'll receive a mystery colored BFL roving I can't wait to see what color it is going to be. Of course I couldn't resist buying another roving while I was there to purchase my spin along fiber. Pics will be posted as soon as it arrives, it won't be shipped until March 2 when the spin along fiber is ready.

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  1. The rack is beautiful! Congratulations to your husband on quitting smoking and his new business venture. :)